What would it feel like to have time for important tasks, whenever you need it?

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Before we get to the ways you can create this for yourself, I’ve got a few questions.

Do you think most people have a bit of ‘geek’ in them?
Do you? (Would you ever admit it? Lol.)

Me? I am a ‘parenting-geek’, if there IS such a thing! I talk parenting, I think parenting, I listen to parenting. I’m in multiple online parent forums. And as you may know, I connect regularly with other positive parenting specialists–I even call some friends. As you might expect from parenting educators, they’re a pretty nice bunch.

While other moms are researching their next resort trip or pinning tasty-looking Paleo recipes; I’m over here chatting with people in Facebook groups, reading parenting-related blogs, and generally keeping my pulse on the topic.

It just so happens that I’m an active member of a number of coaching and entrepreneur groups, too. In fact, we’ve even talked kid challenges.

No matter what your profession, certain concerns are universal. One that comes up a fair bit is the challenge to find a few uninterrupted minutes alone.

I bet you’d love to do a few yoga poses to relax. Or listen to a favourite podcast you’ve been too busy for lately. And let’s not forget; that dinner won’t make itself.

You notice the kids are occupied with Lego, so now’s your chance! “Sweet!”

Go, momma. Go!

You grab your mobile for a quick call before starting the meal prep. But almost immediately, the children begin to swarm you like a cloud of angry bees; bees which cry that their needs are absolutely URGENT!

How often does this happen to you?? Too often, I bet.

“Mom, I’m hungry.”
“Hey! Where’s my iPad?”
“Momomomomomomomomom! I need a band-aid for my stuffie.”

Seriously, do kids have a built-in phone call radar?!

You are definitely not alone in this. It happens to us all. However, you can take solace knowing there are proven* ways to reduce the frequency. You’ll likely even get a longer stretch to yourself with their consistent use!

So what does this have to do with online business forums? Everything, actually. Because I’ve got a pile of suggestions, direct from entrepreneur-parents. I thought it would be useful to hear directly from other parents (who aren’t also parenting-nerds.) I’m throwing one of mine in too, because it works SO WELL. And many of these parents work from home, so you know they need to have strategies that effective.


  1. Take time for yourself during their nap time or when the kids go to bed for the night. Watch a movie, paint your nails, etc.
  2. Take 10 minutes to connect with your child. Have an in-depth conversation, with good eye-contact and without distractions. Play a game. Start an art activity with them and join for the first 10 minutes. Ask if they have any questions or needs before you go. Let them know how long you’ll be gone for and stick to it.
  3. Be realistic with what you can accomplish. Those goals should be reasonable based on your current stage of life.  Assume that things will take longer than you feel like they should.
  4. Hire an au pair! (Ha ha. This last one is for fun and to see who’s paying attention.) Seriously, how awesome are au pairs?! Wouldn’t we all get soo much done?

How will you meet your child’s needs, the next time you want ten minutes alone?




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