Blink, And They’re All Grown Up

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Have you ever gazed at your sleeping child, and wondered how she got so big, so fast? As a parent, do you find that certain days drag on, but the years pass too quickly?

If only we could press pause on the perfect moments.

Remember those long, lazy days when we were kids? When we did so much, yet accomplished little? We ended the day feeling tired and fulfilled. We played hard; simply living in the moment. Here’s how to capture that joyful feeling, while slowing time.

This may sound too simple, but this one action will make each day feel gratifyingly full, and life will seem less hurried.

Choose any random time in your day. Stop. Notice the sights, sounds, smells, as well as sensations. Once you focus exclusively on the wonder of that particular moment, time appears to slow a little. But that’s not all.

Create several of those snapshots each day for a week, then life takes on more joy, even when it’s hard. Over the month, you will feel you’ve gained more time. A year from now, you’ll reflect on how you’ve made the most of your time with those you love. Plus, you’ve got a memory bank full of snapshots of your kids.

Here are some examples of things to focus on

Notice a drop of dew on the grass. Although seemingly inconsequential, give it a few tries. Pause for 15 seconds to take it all in. Use every sense. Reflect on how lucky you are to see grass rather than concrete. Or that it’s still warm enough for grass to be green! Whatever you decide is great about that drop of dew, on that blade of grass, in that moment; take another five seconds to be grateful for that.

Your child gives you a warm, sleepy snuggle upon waking. Rather than racing to eat, dress, brush teeth… take 30 seconds to breathe in the smell of your child’s hair or to recognize how amazing they are. And how fortunate you are, to have a child who loves you so much!

You’ll soon discover that a few seconds of noticing a perfect moment, goes much further than you’d ever have guessed.

I challenge you to do this for a week to see what happens.



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