Parenting is a Gift

…and also one of the toughest, never-ending, all-consuming, and highly personal jobs…ever!

Does this sound like you?…

✓ Your kids drive you insane with their non-stop bickering…

✓ Exhausted because your child just won’t go to bed…

✓ Your day is filled with tears and uncontrollable meltdowns…

✓ Unsure of how to handle your teen’s technology use…

✓ Your child lacking confidence or being bullied…

✓ Spending too much time in your head plagued by parent guilt…

✓ Suffering from perfect parent syndrome where you’ve set the bar so high you can’t possibly reach it…

✓ Too busy contemplating how you should be parenting your child, to truly enjoy it…

If you resonate with any of these challenges, click the button below to learn how to strengthen your relationship with your children, establish trust, and create a happier day-to-day: in 8 weeks.

The 3 Pillars of Gentle Parenting:


You will learn the philosophy of secure attachment. How to form respectful, emotionally attuned, deep connection with your child. You’ll find out the profound nature of the relationship dynamic we have with our children and ways to facilitate mutual growth.



We’ll practice using empathy, your magic wand, to give your child’s brain the best possible environment for emotional intelligence growth and understanding.
You’ll also find out how emotions work, including some shifts to prevent erratic behavior.


You’ll learn the tools to gift them the ability to create their own empowered choices and lives. How to maintain and restore balance between your partner and child relationship, while living the craziness of parenting life.


You Are In the Right Place

I’m Alison Smith, the Parent’s Coach. I take a practical, positive approach to parenting – which means no added stress, guilt or pressure. Just straightforward, realistic, and research-based strategies to help you parent through these challenges with confidence and take back your sanity!

When I had my first child, I had no idea about how to become a great parent. All I knew was that I was passionate about finding a way to raise my child through relationship-based parenting by forming a deeper connection with my child; while avoiding drama, conflict, and forcing them into a box.

Parents, I know you’re out there. Don’t struggle alone.

Feel free to reach out and ask questions. I look forward to helping your family & providing solutions to your unique situation.


Blink, And They’re All Grown Up

Blink, And They’re All Grown Up

Have you ever gazed at your sleeping child, and wondered how she got so big, so fast? As a parent, do you find that certain days drag on, but the years pass too quickly? If only we could press pause on the perfect moments. Remember those long, lazy days when we were...


How Do I Get My Kids to do Chores? Letters from a Parent Coach

How Do I Get My Kids to do Chores? Letters from a Parent Coach

My ten-year-old doesn’t want to do his part. Dear Alison, We’ve got a debate in my house…kids and chores. What are your views? I understand and agree with both sides. 1. Let kids be kids while they can.  2. They should be doing chores to learn responsibility. Is...


5 Simple Ways to Gain Cooperation

5 Simple Ways to Gain Cooperation

If only our kids would cooperate with us, our job would be so much easier, right? I get how frustrating it can be. I also know that if we are not careful how we gain their cooperation, we can create future problems for ourselves and our kids.


My Kids Lose It After School! Letters from the parenting coach

My Kids Lose It After School! Letters from the parenting coach

Dear Alison, I know you’ll have effective ideas for me because I remember how good your workshop ones were. You helped me see how important the connection with my son is. I would like to move a step forward by asking specifically – How do we as parents and...


The Loneliness of Parenthood

The Loneliness of Parenthood

  It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to support the parent. – Alison Smith Parenting can feel real lonely sometimes… When my kids were little and I was a stay-at-home mom, I was seldom alone. However, when I had a rare moment with...

Receive Community Support & Feedback


You want a positive community in which learning, self-awareness and collaboration is valued.

You’re a parent, teacher, and/or childcare provider.

You want concrete ideas for your challenges & crave a more positive approach to behaviour. (Or you’re already gentle, but need more consistency or patience!)

You know ‘quick fixes’ are not the answer.

AND: you know we all have our ups & downs. You’re ready to give help and receive it too!

The Parent Learning Community is a cultivated group of mindful parents who are determined to raise joyful, healthy kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between coaching, consulting, and counseling?

Education is typically about giving information or introducing knowledge and skills about specific topics. Some parts of our program consist of teaching – passing on the knowledge of human behaviour, success and happiness. Many clients are very good at memorising that knowledge and some of them already have that knowledge, yet they find it hard to use this knowledge to make a change.

Have you ever said, “I know what I need to do, but don’t know how?” How many times have you read an awesome book and said, “I will make a change NOW”, and after three days, you have lost that motivation? You are not alone. Many people experience the same thing.

Everyone can benefit from learning about the way our brain works and the theories and research available to help us achieve happiness. The knowledge is applicable to everyone, but not everyone can implement it.

Life coaching is more than teaching. It gives you the knowledge of what you need to do, the tools that help you do it and the support and guidance you need along the way until you gain control over your mind, body and soul. Your life coach will stay with you as long as you want and help you implement those new skills.

Life coaching deals with the things that are important to you, not to anybody else. This makes life coaching incredibly effective, because you can see positive results right away and this encourages you to continue, so you get better and better results. At the same time, your confidence grows, until you feel you can handle just about anything, and then you are happy.

What if my spouse isn't on the same page? Can I still work with you?

Definitely. While having all primary caregivers working together cohesively is ideal, you have the potential to affect dramatic change in the lives of people around you, simply by doing your own work to grow. Because our results will generally occur faster, if your partner decides to join us for the coaching sessions however, your program cost actually decreases!
(*on a rebate basis / The difference in program costs will be held for you until the successful completion of your program. If both partners remain fully engaged in all aspects of the coaching relationship until completion, your rebate will be sent to you within 14 days.)

Do you need to see my child?

The parent knows their child best. They are the most influential person in their child’s life. They are in the best position to teach and help their child. So I teach the parent, rather than work directly with the child.

Can you provide receipts for my insurance company?

No. But you should call your insurance provider and tell them how valuable coaching is and you want to see it added to your plan in the future.

How can we meet together?

Phone and Video Chat:

Phone is an option, but only in Canada. From anywhere else in the world, we will simply use a communication app such as Zoom, Skype without the camera. So go ahead and wear your jammies as we dig in!


NEW BRUNSWICK, CA: We can meet at Healthy Path Inc. in Rothesay, New Brunswick Canada.

IN-HOME INTENSIVES: VIP clients can fly me in to meet them in person. I'll work closely with you and your family to transform the dynamics in your home. Click here to learn more about my VIP services.

"Alison's calming guidance and techniques were just what I needed in this overwhelming time in my life."

"Alison is extremely knowledgeable in her field and delivered research and experience with raw honesty and true compassion. Her guidance and teaching within a few short hours made a remarkable impact on myself and my families lives. The Beyond Time-outs workshop left me asking myself questions that can only lead to personal growth and well rounded and loving parenting. I went to the workshop in hopes of gaining a few more skills and ideas on parenting, without taking out the stresses of life on my children and walked away with what I believe to be a whole new perspective on living a happy life. Alison's calming guidance and techniques were just what I needed in this overwhelming time in my life. I look forward to joining her community and putting to practice all the techniques I needed reminding of and the new strategies that she has introduced.

This is the best parenting advice Peter and I have ever received. So simple and yet so effective!"

- Angela Scott Little

"Her passion for helping families is contagious and will inspire you..."

"Before Alison’s workshop Beyond Time Outs, I was feeling frustrated and completely out of ideas on how to get through to my son. The old school go to's... grounding and taking things away haven't been worked. It felt like nothing I did made a difference. After taking her course I am feeling more confident with my ability to make some changes in our home. Alison has a unique approach to parenting and so much knowledge on better ways to communicate with kids and in my case a teenager. Her passion for helping families is contagious and will inspire you to set goals and make changes with your family. You will leave this course equipped with new ideas and ready to take on your toughest parenting challenges! I would recommend this course to all parents; it will change your perspective on how you interact with your kids."

- Tiffany Agnew, Workshop Participant

"What would usually cause us a ridiculous amount of stress has been not bad at all..."

"The visual you gave us Monday for "flipping your lid" has been a huuuuuuge help to me. This week [my daughter] and I have had to be up almost an hour earlier than usual...and what would usually cause us a ridiculous amount of stress has been not bad at all thanks in part to that tool!"

- Carolyn C., Workshop Participant

"There is peace and joy in our home once more."

"Alison Smith is truly an expert at what she does. Our family was struggling immensely with our middle son and nothing we were trying was working. In fact, the situation was only deteriorating - a tough place for a life coach to be in. I'm convinced that we wouldn't have found common ground without Alison's compassionate reassurance and encouragement. Through her caring questioning, she was patient to learn exactly what our family was challenged with and offered multiple solutions and strategies. There's no question that Alison is passionate about helping families thrive. Her resources and guidance have proven invaluable and I'm eternally grateful. There is peace and joy in our home once more. Thank you Alison Smith."

- Andrea Hunt Raco