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It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to support the parent. – Alison Smith Parenting can feel real lonely sometimes… When my kids were little and I was a stay-at-home mom, I was seldom alone. However, when I had a rare moment with my own thoughts, I realized I was really lonely. Have you ever felt that way? I missed being able to have a whole conversation with a friend without interruptions. I so craved interaction with other grown-ups that I found myself hoping for a chat with cashiers, the librarian, and anyone who would listen. Going for groceries alone became a treat, just so I could feel like a normal human again…and finish a complete sentence! It’s so important for us parents to connect with others. Parenting is hard enough. The effects are amplified by feelings of isolation. Sometimes we feel isolated…

Alison Smith Parent Coaching | 5 Simple Ways to Gain Cooperation 2

If only our kids would cooperate with us, our job would be so much easier, right? I get how frustrating it can be. I also know that if we are not careful how we gain their cooperation, we can create future problems for ourselves and our kids.

I attended your event tonight – and THANK YOU! I got to put a lot of the tips into practice tonight before bed, and you know what – they totally worked. Now, to write them on sticky notes all over my house so I don’t forget. I’ll be signing up for the calming session for sure. Thanks again – and I will highly recommend your session.

Workshop Participant

The visual you gave us Monday for “flipping your lid” has been a huuuuuuge help to me. This week [my daughter] and I have had to be up almost an hour earlier than usual…and what would usually cause us a ridiculous amount of stress has been not bad at all thanks in part to that tool!

Carolyn C

Workshop Participant
Alison is so very knowledgeable and passionate about the coaching work that she does you can’t help but get excited and motivated about the amazing advice and tips she has to offer let alone the things she can help you uncover about your journey!

Erin Roberts